Most of the world’s ecosystems are profoundly affected by human activity. We are living through a time of unprecedented change to the environmental drivers of species persistence, species interactions, ecosystem function and ecosystem service provision. Human influences range from local land use changes such as urbanization and agriculture as well as the global transport of species to areas of the world they have never before occupied. Human activity has also changed the composition of the atmosphere leading to diffuse global scale impacts on ecosystems such as nitrogen deposition and climate change. Understanding the sustainability of future biodiversity and the life support systems that biodiversity provides will require a detailed understanding of the functioning of human influenced ecosystems, the effects of interventions to these systems and societal goals and constraints on intervention.


To address these global challenges my research will be based around three objectives which range from fundamental population ecology to cost effective management:

  1. Comparative population ecology to underpin prediction of species movement and persistence under altered abiotic and biotic drivers
  2. Predicting plant population responses to nutrient addition through the NutNet global research cooperative (www.nutnet.org)
  3. Cost effective interventions to achieve environmental or societal goals


Prof. Yvonne Buckley
Trinity College Dublin

Funded by EU FP7 Marie Curie Career Development Grant FP7-PEOPLE-2013-CIG

Eu Commision